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Blog: Beauty Advisor at Promotion Partners

Always wanted to know what the life of a Beauty Advisor looks like? We asked Remy Hengelmolen, working at Promotion Partners since October 2016, to share his experiences with us. 

This is Remy
I’m 21 years old and last year I graduated from the ROC as Makeup Artist. On this course I learned everything about Make-up Art, from Special Effects Make-up to Visagie and during the three-year program you will find out what your specialties are. I have been on tour with DommelGraaf & Cornelissen Entertainment, De Jantjes and Heerlijk duurt ‘t langst for nine months. During this time I had the pleasure to work with different types of clients and I found out that my specialties are beauty and extravagant makeup. After the course I started my own company, Remy Hair and Makeup, and I’m now working for &C media, BengBeng Studios and of course Promotion Partners.

Top employer
After my course, I did have a few part time jobs but my main goal was to work as a freelance Makeup Artist. There are different kind of agencies to work for but Promotion Partners was, and still is, my number one choice because they can offer me the possibility to work for a lot of different premium brands. Because Promotion Partners provides the staffing for many different clients, you can work for the most luxurious brands like Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown and La Mer. But also for a brand like NYX Professional Makeup that is known for the high quality products at affordable prices. In addition, if you have a freelance contract you can choose whether to send an invoice every day, every week or every month. I send an invoice every two weeks so that I get paid every two weeks. Personally, I really appreciate this flexibility.

My first shift … MADNESS!
When I just started at Promotion Partners the Coaches had a very good look at my profile so they could decide which brands are a match with my experience. They saw a perfect match between me and NYX Professional Makeup. What doesn’t mean that I’m not luxurious ?, but I’m definitely more an expressive and creative Makeup Artist. So I have been working for this brand since the opening of the first store in the Netherlands. The opening was really a madhouse! Customers waited in line for two hours before the store was even open and six guards had to keep the hundreds of girl calm. I was completely exhausted! The weeks after the opening there were still a lot of excited girls visiting the store causing long rows. This ended at January and my services were no longer needed every day of the week. Fortunately, Promotion Partners was able to introduce me to a new brand quite quickly. For a few months now, I’m also part of the Urban Decay team.


Ready for the next job
Working for Urban Decay is a totally different experience than working for NYX Professional Makeup. Both brands are targeting a young audience, but the price range is completely different. Because Urban Decay is more expensive, a had to apply more sales techniques during my shifts for this brand than working for NYX Professional Makeup. Fortunately, during the training provided by Urban Decay and Promotion Partners l learned a lot about selling techniques, the different products and the history of the brand. So don’t let a lack of sales experience in the cosmetics industry hold you back when you’re applying for a job at Promotion Partners. If they see potential in you, you will receive a training by Retail Expert Marion so you’re familiar with the basic selling techniques and ready for your first shift.

This makes my day!
Nowadays, it is very busy at the NYX Professional Makeup store! I work there 3 days a week and also have a few other freelance jobs. During my shifts for NYX Professional Makeup I’m dealing with a lot of different kind of customers. The best part is that you can really bond with customers so that they come back regularly especially for you.

Wondering what a working day at Promotion Partners looks like and curious about my other experiences? Read my next blog!

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