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Launch newest fragrance Jean Paul Gaultier; Scandal

On July 18, our Trainer Marion and Project Manager Daphne had the pleasure of being present at the launch of Jean Paul Gaultier’s newest scent; Scandal. Promotion Partners takes care of the promotion of this new fragrance and we couldn’t wish for a better start of this cooperation!

Perfume with a story
Jean Paul Gaultier’s newest fragrance is based on the story of a French businesswoman from Paris. This lady is very neat and successful during the day but at night she loves to let go and party all night long. Hereby she always uses her legs to seduce. One day, the paparazzi discovers her nightly trips and writes a headline about it in the newspaper; A scandal!


Presentation with a surprising twist
The launch took place in Slot Zeist. At arrival Marion and Daphne were immediately invited to take place in front of the Jean Paul Gaultier photo wall and were given a glass of champagne from a very kind Italian gentleman. After having sipped on their champagne, they were escorted to the beautiful garden of Castle Zeist where the event started with delicious snacks and the opportunity to network. After 1,5 hours all the guests were escorted inside of the castle, where a presentation was given by Eva de Bock, Benelux Training Manager at PUIG. As a successful businesswoman from Paris dressed in a black skirt with colbert, she presented the new scent Scandal, the commercial of Scandal and the marketing plan. While Jean Paul Gaultier usually stands for fun, the presentation was quite formal. At the end of the presentation, a gentleman suddenly shouted through the room that the presentation was boring. As planned, all the ladies and gentlemen in the room turned around to see where the scream came from and saw a muscular man with uncovered upper body who accompanied everyone to the basement of Slot Zeist. In the basement there were cocktails, dancers and beautiful decorations. The French businesswoman could go and party at La Jean Paul Gaultier! The story of Scandal was complete. It was a beautiful evening with a lot of fun!


Successful launch
Scandal has already been launched in France and has achieved a wonderful result in the first three weeks. There are also high expectations for the Dutch market, and Promotion Partners will make a valuable contribution to fulfilling these expectations by arranging promotions in the Bijenkorf, ICI PARIS XL and La Bourse in August. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!

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