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Liquor, Tobacco & Confectionery program


For our client, Schiphol Airport Retail (SAR) / Heinemann, we started recruiting and composing a special LTC team (Liquor, Tobacco & Confectionery) in early 2016. Unlike the promoters working in the SAR stores, this team was not trained at brand level but at category level. As a result, the LTC team members are able to represent brands of a total product category instead of one individual brand. They were trained by experts who paid a lot of attention to hospitality, the wishes and needs of travellers and cross selling. Because they have extensive knowledge of all product categories, the LTC team members are able to recommend the right cigar for a particular whiskey and the right chocolate for a particular liqueur. The LTC program was a unique opportunity for all LTC team members, where Schiphol literally brought them to new places as they also followed trainings in Frankfurt, Switzerland and Italy.

Promotion Partners have been intensively involved with the client from the beginning of the collaboration and presented creative ideas. We have bundled our knowledge and experience in sales, visual merchandise and hospitality so that the LTC team members can be trained intensively in all areas. The intensive cooperation has led to the LTC team members being offered a contract after one year and taken over by SAR.